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       The most famous museums in Great Britain.    


There are over 240 museums in London.


There are many museums in Great Britain, most of which have free admission.


For example, the British Museum, the Tate Gallery and the National Gallery.


The British Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world with the richest collections.


It was established in 1753 in London.   


The Museum is famous for it is library.


It is a huge library with 6 or 7 million books, which is considered to be one of the largest in the world.


It exhibits many works from all over the world from prehistoric period to modern times.


There is a wonderful art gallery in the British Museum housing unique collections of sculpture, ceramics, drawings and paintings.


The most famous exhibits of the British Museum are the Parthenon Sculptures, the Rosetta Stone, the mummies of Ancient Egypt.


The Tate Gallery was founded in 1897, presents modern masters of England and France


The Tate Britain is one of four Tate galleries and the National Gallery is of British Art.


Tate Modern in London is a famous Britain’s national museum of contemporary and modern art.


It stands on Thames and has a unique shape.


The visitors can find exhibitions of famous modern artists from Gauguin to Damien Hirst inside.


The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square has one of the best picture collection in the world and was founded in 1824


It has the most valuable display of French paintings from the early of the Impressionists.