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                                             Сценка «Мышки»

     Country mouse:      Some mice live in the town

                                           Where the houses are very tall

                                           Some mice live in the country

                                         Where the houses are very small.


Town mouse:         But in the country where the houses are small,

                                         The gardens are very big.

                                         And in the towns where the houses are tall

                                        There are no gardens at all.

Country mouse & Town mouse: This story is about a country mouse and a town mouse.

Town mouse: This is a country mouse. She lives in the country. I’m going to visit her.    

Country mouse: I’m waiting for my friend: the town mouse. Oh, I can see her!

Country mouse: Hello, town mouse!

Town mouse: Hi, country mouse!

Country mouse: Welcome to the countryside!

Town mouse: Oh, thank you very much!

Country mouse: Look at the butterflies! Smell the flowers! Listen to the birds! I live here. Let’s have our lunch.

Town mouse: With great pleasure! Have you got any pizza?

Country mouse: No, I’m sorry.

Country mouse (обращаясь к зрителям): Poor town mouse! She doesn’t like her lunch!

Town mouse: What do you do here in the evening? Do you go to the cinema?

Country mouse: No, I don’t.

Town mouse: Do you go to restaurants?

Country mouse: No, I don’t. I go to bed early.

Town mouse: I usually go to bed late.

Country mouse: Let’s have a rest. Please, go to bed. Good night!

Town mouse: Good night! (Городская мышка не может заснуть). It’s very quite in the country. I can’t sleep. I like music. (Надевает наушники, слушает музыку). But I still cant sleep. Its cold here.

(Огромная сова ухает рядом с окном, городская мышка ее сильно испугалась. Прибегает сельская мышка).

Country mouse: Are you O’K?

Town mouse: I’m fine, fine. I’m going back to my town tomorrow. I’m very busy. You can come with me. Country mouse: I would like to go with you!

Town mouse: I live in this town. I like it very much. Welcome to my town. This is my house.

Country mouse: Thank you!

Town mouse: Look at the lights. Smell the restaurants! Listen to music! Let’s have our lunch!

Country mouse: Have you got any cheese?

Town mouse: No, I’m sorry.

Town mouse (зрителям): Poor country mouse! She doesn’t like her lunch!

Town mouse: Do you want to go to a club tonight?

Country mouse: I, ah… (На сцене появляется огромная кошка). What’s that?

Town mouse: That’s just a cat.

Country mouse: Oh! Oh! Dear me! I don’t like cats.

Town mouse: Go to bed! Good night!

Country mouse: Good night! (Пытается заснуть, но не может). I can’t sleep! It’s very noisy in the town.     I don’t like noise. And it’s too hot here. (Скидывает одеяло). That’s better. (Начинает очень громко играть музыка, мышка испугалась).

Town mouse: Are you O’K?

Country mouse: Yes, I’m fine, fine. I’m going back to the country tomorrow. I’m very busy. I’m going home. Goodbye.

Town mouse: See you later!

Country mouse: I am taking the bus to the country. Hurray! I am happy!

Town mouse: I’m staying in my town. Im happy too.